Cotton Towel Set: different types of towels

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A cotton towel set may usually consist of several towels of various sizes. The Compressed Cotton Towel set will generally consist of a hand towel, a face towel, a bath towel, a bath sheet, and several different colors and designs to select from picking a set to match a toilet quickly.

When it comes to a hooded cotton towel set, these sets are available in blue, pink, green, yellow, cream, or white for more neutral colors. People use these types of cotton towels for bathing new babies; the hooded part sits over the baby’s head, and you can use it to dry your hair and keep your head warm after a bath. The cotton towel manufacturers made compressed towels by cotton and are very soft, confirming that they are kind to your baby’s skin.

Bamboo cotton towel:

For the eco-conscious customer, you can buy a bamboo towel set. These cotton towel sets are ready by bamboo and are much softer, stronger, and healthier than your regular cotton towels. Using these cotton towels in your bathroom will provide you a clean and luxurious experience. Bamboo cotton towels are ready from 70% eco-friendly bamboo and 30% cotton making them the best purchase for the environment.

Organic cotton towel:

Organic cotton towels are also becoming very famous. These cotton towels are original cotton prepared from cotton that has been grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. The manufacturers do not use bleach when making white organic cotton towels, and the color obtained using a natural process of herbal dyeing with contact with intense sunlight. These cotton towels are very soft and great on sensitive skin. These organic towels are also perfect for anyone suffering from allergies as they do not irritate your skin.

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