White Plain Coin tissues Supplier

  •         Product Name: Customized disposable towel, coin tissues
  •         Material: viscose
  •         Tissue size: 22*24cm
  •         coin tissues size: dia.2cm*0.6cm
  •         Weight: 50gsm
  •         Packing: customized as client required.
  •         MOQ: 10000pcs
  •         Ex-Work Price: USD0.025/pc
  •         This price is based on 500pcs/bag/white box packing, if there is a special packing requirement, it’s ok, but we will charge an extra cost.

 Coin Tissue supplier, Distributor, Factory, Wholesale From China

Get 100% Organic and natural coin tissues from our Coin Tissues Supplier. These natural and durable coin tissues are best for everyday use. These coin tissues are stronger and more durable than other compressed tissues.

You can rinse and reuse these disposable coin tissues several times. Also, it will not fall apart like other brands. Kid and pet-friendly, in the home or on the go! Suitable for all skin types, it leaves your skin soft and comfortable every time.

Fragrance-Free and No Preservatives Coin Tissues for Everyone!

Whether you are planning to go on camping, taking your children to the park, or getting a little messy in the garage, use our affordable coin tissues. You must keep your hands and personal areas clean in order to feel comfortable and confident.

That is why we at U-Tong, offer easy-to-use and carry tissues. Our White Plain Coin Tissues supplier provides a smart, efficient, and portable way to wipe, clean, or wash your hands. No matter wherever you are, keep your body clean and hygienic every time.

There is no fragrance and no preservatives. Also, it does not contain any perfume or alcohol. Our coin tissues are larger in size, and both children and adults can use them. These portable coin towels are small enough to fit in a pocket, diaper bag, backpack, or survival pack. We always ensure that you always have a clean, odor-free wipe on hand when you need it.

Why Use Our Organic Coin Tissues?

Our organic and biodegradable white plain tissues come from fine material that offers a soft touch. The manufacturer partners make them from organic and biodegradable cellulose for hygienic usage. It will have little impact on the environment because of its eco-friendly nature.


They are soft, gentle, and odorless and contain no additional fragrances. It is ideal for sensitive or delicate skin. Moreover, perfect for children and baby use. The preservatives found in many wet wipes can cause a nasty rash, but U-Tong plain coin tissues are not harmful.

You can utilize these coin tissues anywhere. Well, you might be thinking about how to use it. Simply add a little bit of water to create a luxurious and hygienic tissue in the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, the garage, the school, or the workplace. Take them with you wherever you go.

Furthermore, it is excellent for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and boating. It has versatile uses and disposable features; use it one time and dispose of it or simply reuse it. Simply wring out and rinse with water. When it comes time to dispose of them, you can be confident that biodegradable U-Tong coin tissues supplier.

Get bulk orders at your doorstep with ease and convenience. Not just are our rates affordable but cheaper than other companies.



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