Tube scarf

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  •       Material: Micro-polyester
  •       Size: 25*50cm+/-1cm.
  •       Stock patterns for wholesale or retail.
  •       Customized printing for promotion program, multi-purposes to wear, elastic and soft, outdoor and fitting use.
  •       Washable
  •       Quick-Dry
  •       Easy breathability


Tired of everyday heat exposure or unwanted dust on the roads? Our Tube Scarf Supplier is the best option! Wear it as a face mask or a bandana to protect yourself from dust and the sun’s rays. You can also wear it as a do-rag to keep your hair out of your eyes on a windy day. Moreover, utilize it as a hiking headband to keep sweat out of your eyes or as a running scarf.

We have selected 100% pure polyester fabric for a soft and stretchy feel. It does not just keep you away from the dust, but it keeps you comfortable all day long. Wear in multiple positions, and it also has excellent absorbing and wicking properties to keep you dry every time.

If you are looking for a quality head scarf for fishing, hiking, or climbing, this tube scarf works for all purposes. Whether you are wearing it for some hours or a whole day, it provides the same function.

Buy Stylish and Classy Tube Scarf

Many of our clients ask for customized tube scarves, so we design them accordingly, and they love them. In addition, we offer multiple colors in heat transfer printing and digital prints as well. The fabric is soft and breathable, and it is azo-free and eco-friendly.

Moreover, you’ll simply fall in love with the water absorption and UV protection feature of our product. It has high elasticity as well as looks seamless. Not just it has multifunctional uses, but you can wear them during all seasons and outdoor activities.

If you are an athlete, this masterpiece is just for you. The high-performance microfibers inside the fabric work so well that they can absorb the sweat amazingly and leave your skin dry. This feature helps you stay away from any bacteria.

Multi-Purpose and Comfortable Tube Scarves

For a long tiring day, people look for comfortable clothing options. Why buy a bandana, headband, cap, neck gaiter, and headwear separately when you can get everything in one place?

Wear this amazing tube scarf of various colors in the summer to wick away sweat and protect yourself from the sun. Weekend warriors and buff athletes, stylish urbanites, and even cancer chemo patients wear our scarves. Moreover, you can carry it as a lightweight neck gaiter, face mask, beanie, or balaclava in the winter, adding one of these as an extra layer of warmth for my ears, head, and neck.

It’s perfect for fashion wear, purposeful clothing, and style for a photograph. It is available in multiple colors, which you can style with so many outfits. Furthermore, we guarantee your satisfaction. It has top quality; the stitching is perfect and fine. In short, you will simply love its style and everything.

U-Tong has the most experienced China Tube Scarf Suppliers who export everything at the highest quality and affordable rates. Our prices are market competitive, and we also deal in bulk orders. So, if you want to purchase an order, you can contact our suppliers or exporters for an easy purchase without hassles.

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